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"Neptune" the firetruck

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Bike Bald Group provides cycling rides & events for the general public within communities, supporting community, healthy living & sustainability while supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness.  We work hard to provide the needs of the parents and family that has a child going through cancer or a serious illness by going back to the basic of the family & community support. We know that sometimes when a parent(s) are told that there child has been diagnoses with a serious life-threatening diseases the whole family is affected. Through grassroots direction we want to meet the needs of parent (s), child, sibling, by providing the emotionally, spiritually, financially and social needs.

Bike Bald supports bicycling advocacy, safe roadways for biking, and biking enjoyment. 

Sustainability, Community involvment, Childhood Cancer Awareness

Bike Bald is a 501c(3) non profit organization.

Bike Bald is a 100% volunteer ran organization, needing the support of business/individual sponsors & volunteers of all ages to be able to continue our dedicated mission.

We are a nationally known organization amongst families and health providers.

With Bike Bald, "you can be involved & see where your support is going"

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"Neptune" the firetruck

"Bike Bald" is

Rated as a Spectacular Charity to know & support.

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This is just one of the great things Bike Bald does to assist children & families who battle Childhood Cancer

Reserve Neptune for your next event: 

* Block Party

* Birthday Party

* 9-11 Ceremony

* Wedding

* Company Function

* Grand Opening

* Used as a SAG vehicle

* Marathon or Tri-Athalon


Email:  Bike.Bald@yahoo.com