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Bike Bald is a small nonprofit "grassroots" organization that combines cycling with childhood cancer awareness. 

"Bike" is what we do..."Bald" is the result of many cancer patients of all ages going through treatment.   

We have the support of local organizations, businesses & entertainment industry to conduct events within the community & always open to the public.  We send care packages, toys, greeting cards birthday wishes etc to both the children & the families fighting the battle of Childhood Cancer.  We are an all volunteer based organization and always welcome new volunteers of all ages to help.  Bike Bald supports sustainability programs, the community & various childhood cancer research organizations nationwide at our various events and families facing childhood cancer.  For more information email:  Bike.Bald@yahoo.com

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"Neptune" the firetruck

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This is just one of the great things Bike Bald does to assist children & families who battle Childhood Cancer

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